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[sticky post] Legacy Masterpost

Oct. 21st, 2016 | 12:34 am

The Family Tree

Generation 1 - (1.0), (1.1), (1.2), (1.3), (1.4), (1.5 + Heir Poll)

Generation 2 - (2.0), (2.1), (2.2), (2.3), (2.4), (2.5), (2.6 + Heir Poll)

Generation 3 - (3.0) dropped

Generation 1 - (1.0) dropped

The Family Tree

Legacy on-going on my Tumblr. You can find it here.

Storytelling of premade Pleasantview families on-going on my Tumblr. You can find it here.

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Are my Legacies dead?

May. 17th, 2017 | 06:04 pm

Well... while I am still keeping this LJ and my saves at bay, I am not planning to play TS3 in the nearest future.
I'm sorry to admit, but the more I play this game, the more buggy it becomes.
It was wonderful to play it for a while, but then everything started to lag and glitch horribly.
Whenever I try to play with the Valentino or Hale household, it's a massive clusterf*ck.
In other words, these Legacies are on hiatus until further notice.

It doesn't mean I don't play The Sims, though.
Please, come by to my Simblr here.
This is where I am right now and where I upload pictures from my TS2 Valentino Legacy/Challenge.
You can check that out in a chronological order here.
I appreciate any interest and support, because I put a lot of heart into my TS2 gameplay.

Thank you for putting up with me so far.

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Quick update.

Jan. 14th, 2017 | 04:02 pm

Just making a quick post to reassure you, that I will still be doing legacies here.
I know it's been a while since the last one, but there are so many distractions at the moment.
The newest toddler update to The Sims 4 actually convinced me to install the game and play it, so I am more focused on that at the moment.
I have some pictures gathered for the next entry of Valentino's, but it's still not enough for a decent post.
And whenever I get to play the game, it's really laggy. So it takes away all the fun from it.
I will try to work around this problem and as soon as I get a decent amount of pictures, I will make the entry.

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The Hale Legacy 3.0

Dec. 19th, 2016 | 12:15 am

Welcome back to Hale's!
It's been a while, because I've had difficulties with the entry size. Turns out I shouldn't use Google+ for image sharing.
But then comes my question - what image sharing website would you recommend? I've reached my LJ limit, so I can't use it. And every other one I try has a space limit, so after 2 or 3 entires it ends.

Anyway, back to the legacy!
As you can probably tell from the icon change, we have a new heir for this generation.

Here are the results of the poll.
First generation had more voters, but this has to do.

Revka: "OMG I didn't become the heir?!"

Anyway, it's time for Chloe to graduate and move out.
I can barely handle all the people in the house.

I guess that's fair.

Oh, look. Turns out Maximus graduated the same day.

She ruined my photo by stepping into a goddamn bush.

I used the opportunity to hook them up and move them out together.

They moved with a dog to Max's aunt. She's old anyway and lives alone in a big house.

Meanwhile Gideon creeps Miles out as always.

Why don't you just go sit on that bench to read?
Ezra: "I feel like standing now. Reading comes easier then."

Cole wastes no opportunity to prepare reports about people.

Like father, like son.

Hillary: "Just so you know, if you want to become a criminal now, I don't mind that at all."
Chelsea: "Mom, what kind of drama do you want?"

Ezra: "What?"

Ezra: "Oh."

They're so heartbroken :(

Our lovely founder lived 89 days. I'm glad he got the opportunity to make his own legacy.

I've built a little cemetery behind their house and his grave is the first one.

Guys, this is the first time they're this close.
This broke my heart.

Waking up in an empty bed for the first time :(


Cole: "We didn't have a great start as kids, but I fell for you the day I tried to egg your house."
Hillay: "OMG That's so romantic, you doofus!"

They gave me a bunch of beautiful children.
I love them.

Cole: "I don't know if a burial area so close is a good idea. What if he will haunt us?"
Miriam: 'We had a good moment. Don't ruin it."

The legacy must be preserved.

Gideon: "I can't believe my grandfather died!"
I know, but you're here for a reason. Focus!

Gideon: "Sure. Let me just tweet this."

Miriam: "You're not gonna like this."
What? What did you do?

Miriam: "I died."

Maid: "Is Death a regular visitor here? I may want to change my workplace."

Miriam: "I changed my mind! Can I stay?"
Death: "Lol, no."

Miriam was a great co-founder and even if she wasn't the best mother figure, she got the right attitude.
She lived 89 days, like Ezra.
Guess she couldn't bear the thought of living without him :(

But it's okay now.
They're together again.
She didn't get a fancy tombstone though.

Now back to Gideon trying to woo his girfriend.

Gideon: "Sir Dad, I know we didn't get to know each other very well."
Martin: "Mhm?"

Gideon: "And I know I don't have amazing job perspectives, but I don't want to do this legacy thing with anyone else than your daughter."

Aw. Gideon bought him.

Gideon: "I've got the blessing. Know what that means?"
Kami: "Do I?"

Gideon: "You're gonna have my handsome babies!"
Kami: "OMG!"

Smooth. Very smooth.

Gonna miss the teenagers and their pranks.
Chelsea: "Forget the pranks! What is that thing on my boobs?!"

Here's your heir in his new bedroom.
Sharp as a knife.

Chelsea: "OMG I'm growing up!"
Cole: "Just do this quickly. I wanna get to Gideon's bachelor party."

Here she is.
Her last trait rolled to be Supernatural Fan.
She looks similar to Trisha actually.
Just with prettier lips.

Chelsea: "Aw yeah!"
Cole: "Can I go now?"

I wasn't even paying attention to his bachelor party.

As soon as Chelsea arrived, she started making out with Miles Cruzita.
You know. They guy who fainted when she tried to dance with him at the teen party.

And Gideon was just upstairs, making drinks over and over.

Miles: "Look at me! I was a third wheel and now I'm going out with the badass Hale!"
Well, your brother was talking shit to her, so why not going after you instead.

This stripper started offending and slapping everyone randomly.
She shouldn't have messed with Chelsea, though.

Chelsea: "Yeah, that's right."

Gideon's favourite party activity.

Elf-boy throwing some shapes for everyone.

Miles: "Man, I still can't believe I was making out with Chelsea."
Derek: "Sure. You're gonna eat that?"

That guy on the back is hungry for some Gideon body.

Chelsea was the only woman besides the strippers, so she decided to steal the spotlight as well.

Rocky: "You're a beautiful woman and I want to draw your portrait. Leave this fail of a party with me."
Chelsea: "Is this goblin ever going to stop following us around?"

That looks inappropriate.

What do you mean?!
It was great!

He isn't even married yet, but he gets this moodlet after waking up the next morning.

Aw, Miriam.
Are you coming back home?

Kami wanted to constantly leave and go to work, so I had to force her to marry Gideon.
It was a quick wedding, but at least we had a bachelor party.

So rich.

Here's her info and LTW.

No time to lose. Better make those kids now and let her fulfil herself.

Gideon has it easier. He can work even when he's on post-wedding holidays.

Revka spends her last teenage day studying with her cousin Jeromy.

You're obsessed.


The bar owner duplicated herself and I couldn't do the rehearsal for a gig.

Kami: "I know it's very early and we just go married. But I am pregnant."

He's so excited!

Gideon: "My genitals work with the speed of light."
Okay, that's enough.

Someone made a snowman for Ezra and Miriam.
That's sweet.

The heir's morning routine.

Gideon: "Can't you wait until I finish my breakfast?! Woman, come on!"
Revka: "This is a great way to start the day."

Gideon: "I have a full Dragon Age party now."

This is Ramon Hale.

And Nicholas Hale.
I forgot to write down their traits.
I will do that once they age up.

Here you go.
Our new babies.

Revka: Oh, man! This is it! I am sparkling!"
Cole: "Now I know how my father felt when his youngest child was flying off the nest."

How are the youngest children always so pretty?
She rolled Clumsy as her last trait.

Revka: "Not bad!"
Everyone: "WOOOOO!"
Gideon: "Whatever. She's moving out, anyway"

Revka: "He's right. I'm out of this stuffed junkyard."
Kami: *gasp*
Hillary: "How grateful."

Bye, Revka!
Make me a lot of cute elves!

I moved them together with one of Derek's pink dogs.

And this is where we end the first entry.
I still didn't finish playing Pokemon, so bear with me.
I will probably do a Valentino entry next and just switch between them.

Until next time!

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The Valentino Legacy 1.0

Nov. 19th, 2016 | 06:51 pm

Nope, we're not dropping Hale's. I just like to play different stories and families. And I've been making Valentino's in the Sims since the first games. So why not make one public?

And because I am very bad at making new sims out of nowhere, I used the spare daughter from my last Valentino legacy. Her brother is the current heir there and since I wanted to use her as well, here she is! In her very own story!
I will try to make this in between Hale entries. Plus, they have a heir poll right now, so check it out!

Before we start, I should state the basic rules, that I will try to keep for this Legacy.

  • No money cheats whatsoever! Not even for the house. The family has to earn money manually in game, by work, painting, fishing, selling random crap etc.

  • The family can try a lottery once in a generation. If they win a large sum, they can't try it for the next generation.

  • There can be only up to three children in a generation. Mainly to not stuff the household and the town.

  • Each generation should have names starting with the next alphabet letter. The starter goes with "A", their childen with "B" and so on.

  • The rest is pretty standard. Lead the family through about 10 generations or so. Blah blah. Fulfill the LTWs etc.

Let's get to it!

This is our starter - April Valentino.
She's Unstable/Neat/Hopeless Romantic/Artistic/Childish.
Likes Indie Music/Spaghetti/Turquoise Colour.
Her LTW is Master of the Arts.

This is her ugly little house in Lucky Palms.
This is all I could do with her limited funds.

Obligatory tour around her empty house.
Bathroom is probably the most luxurious right now.

She doesn't mind, though.
We will make the house better whenever she earns some decent money.

First things first, she rolled a wish to be a criminal.
So here's her new job...

I thought going to the biggest park in town will make her find a spouse easily.
But there was no one there.
Welp. Time to earn some money instead.
April: "But how?"

By digging through the junkyard!
April: "This is so embarrassing. I should paint instead."
No one wants your paitinings yet.

April: "This phallic object may come in handy."
Don't you dare.

Since there were no objects to salvage and the scraps were rather cheap, she decided to rob the public garden instead.

It took her almost all day to clean this entire area of food.
But it was worth it, because good quality fruits and veggies cost a decent amount of money :O

April: "Who said I will sell them? Nothing tastes better than stolen veggies!"
Of course.

Next morning was her first day in new job, so she immediately started with a panic attack.
Then she had to stay overtime and spent most of the day at work.

Guys, do you mind?

This purple-haired gentleman is her collegue.
He's one of the colourful sims I dropped around town to spread more diversity in genetics.
May as well hit it now.

That's very nice of you, but...

You don't have anything you can give to him.
Other than your high school diploma, that is.

April: "I'm kinda doing this think called Legacy, so let me ask you. Are you married or something?"

That's my biggest problem with Story Progression.
Before I notice, all the sims are taken and I have to break relationships.
But you know that from Hale's.

April: "You're very flirty for a sim with a girlfriend~"
Velvet: "To be honest, I barely know her. I just moved in recently."

No remorse whatsoever.

Look, we just started the Legacy and we already have an enemy.

April: "While we're at it, do you think we could go steady now-"
Velvet: "Woah woah! Hold on! I am too tired to make a decision like that right now!"

No wonder he's terrified.
Who talks about babies on their first date?

April: "Okay. But if you move in with me and share your funds, I will let you sleep in my bed."
Velvet: "Uuhh... Deal!"

Here's our loser future spouse - Velvet Galaxy (quality name).

His info and LTW.

He didn't bring a lot of money.

It's her second day at work and she still can't handle it.
I actually understand her perfectly.

Since Velvet's LTW is about being a fortune teller, we're gonna quit his criminal job and look it up.
But since it's not in the newspaper, we have to get the job manually.

His workplace is actually kinda cute.

Right next to it is an elixir store, so I sent him there.
He didn't seem very interested in wasting our family money there.

Time to train charisma for work instead.

April came back super stressed, so I allowed her to throw some shapes while her not-even-boyfriend-yet was making food for them.

Of course, he doesn't even do his dishes.
And he's a perfectionist.

Man, I love irresistible sims.

Do you know he just broke up with his girlfriend?
Can you see how heartbroken he is?

April: "Does this mean you want to go steady now?"
Velvet: "Sure. I mean we live together already. So why not?"

April: "Actually, I still have to do the Legacy thing, so while we're at it..."
Velvet: "What? There is more to it?!"

April: "This is the biggest diamond I could steal get, so will you marry me?"
Velvet: "OMG That's a big-ass rock! Yes, I'll take it!"

Quick wedding, because we obviously have no money to throw a party.

And we have baby jingles on the first try.
Good start.

Time to start working on April's LTW.
Now that she has an eternity of free days *sigh*.

Oh, look. More free days.
Who's gonna earn all the money?

April: "I don't care! The toilet is broken! Are you happy now?!"

The baby is on the way and the father dreams of swimming in cash.
How adequate.

They received some wedding gifts and I sold them :D

This way I could afford this empty nursery.

Velvet: "Why do I have to deal with it? She did it! It's her legacy!"
But she's pregnant with your baby, so suck it.

I tried to befriend with this kitten, but he belongs to someone already :(

I told Velvet to adopt a cat, but since I have a soft spot for oldies, he adopted a cute elder cat.

Poor girl, throwing tantrums all the time.

To ease the pain, she bought herself a popsicle...

And ran away with it... ene

All the way to the town park.
April: "I am pregnant. I wanted to eat a popsicle in the park. Deal with it."

Meanwhile, our new friend Alex arrived!

And he's already playing with his own vomit.
What a start.

*sigh* Alex...

Sorry, I can't sell it...
April: "That's alright. I've made it for my child."

Speaking of the devil-
April: "Don't call my baby like that! I... kinda want a tattoo to commemorate this moment..."

Velvet: "OMG WHAT DO I DO?!"
Alex: "Why are the humans yelling? I'm too old for this."

It's a girl, Bernie! And the father doesn't seem very impressed.
Velvet: "No, don't get me wrong. I'm just trying to process all of it."

You can process it elsewhere.
We still need one more kid at least.
Velvet: "Got it."

Another one of April's morning tantrums.

April: "No, I was just trying to push the baby belly out."

She just keeps on breaking everything and leaving it like that.

Anyway, here's Bernie Valentino.
She's Genius and Artistic.
And she's a lovely little elf with violet hair!

Calm down, April.
The baby is fine.

Velvet: "What did I sign up for..."
Alex: "Can I bother you a bit, human?"

Have some of Bernie, cause she's gonna be fierce.

Nursery is probably the best place in the house, because everyone wants to be there.

And April improves her painting skills.

More baby-pet interactions, pls.

Hey, not bad.
I can actually sell her paintings for more than 100§.
Maybe we can make a living out of it.

April: "Let's do it! I don't want to be a criminal anymore!"

Velvet is actually a pretty good dad.

And gives April more time to work on her LTW.

April: "Nope! The baby is coming!"

Velvet: "WHAT SHOULD I DO?!"
April: "Try mopping the floor for a start."
Useful husbands, as always.

It's another baby girl! It's Bia.

And then I was dumb enough not to take any CAS photos.
But here you go.
She's Good and Light Sleeper.

That's it for this entry.
If you guys will like it, I will continue this Legacy as well.
I actually enjoy it.

Be sure to check my Hale Legacy as well, in case you haven't yet.

Until next time!

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Another Legacy?

Nov. 18th, 2016 | 09:28 pm

No, don't be afraid.
I'm not going to drop the Hale Legacy.
I was just wondering if I could make a secondary legacy here.
This time with few more challenges, such as names after the alphabet, from poor to rich etc.
Because I always have a Valentino legacy in my gameplay and I feel bad if I don't make one in public.

Please let me know what you think.
Would you like to see another Legacy besides Hale's?

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The Hale Legacy 2.6

Nov. 18th, 2016 | 12:36 am

This is it, guys. The last entry of the 2nd generation. May be a bit messy, because my game lags when there are 8 sims in the house, but I am still trying to take pictures of as many interesting and funny stuff as possible.

We start with nothing new...

In this episode - Gideon pranks everyone.

I think I know who constantly kicks Steven >:(

Chelsea: "It wasn't me. But I think he deserves this."

Diana is back. And I couldn't be happier.
She's the one who does her job properly and if she takes a break, she deserves it.

Our founding fathers are back.
I missed them.

Cole had a lot of reporting to do, so I sent him to the park.
He decided to be a sweetheart instead.

Cole: "So, do you have any crime to report?"
Shamika: "Yes. The fashion crime your daughter commited on the party they threw in your house."
Cole: "Say what?"

Cole: "You must be mistaken. My children were calmly doing their homework and studying for two days."
Shamika: "Yeah, sure."

Just give up, Shamika.
He's all over Janice now.

Oh, hey. It's the crazy cousin - Jeromy.
He's quite handsome now.

Janice: "I know you're a busy man, but if you could patrol around my house again anytime soon..."
Cole: "Is Ali neglecting the kids again?"
Janice: "No, but he sometimes forgets to feed our cat."

Time for the insane nephew.
Cole: "Hey, Jeromy. Can I ask you few questions?"
Jeromy: "I guess?"

Cole: "So, do you have anything to report?"
I can't tell what's in this boy's head for life.

Jeromy: "Actually, I'd like to report my homework being stolen by fairies."
Cole: "What...?"
Jeromy: "They always mock me and this time they decided to steal my essay."
Cole: "I don't think I can give this report in..."

Two ways of dealing with the autumn leaves.

Welp, back to pranking the entire household.

Meanwhile, Chloe found Simon's old chemistry table in the garage.
She's going to blow some stuff up.

Chelsea: "What is this thing I've painted...? I think I better switch to photography after all."

She's just never pleased.
Chelsea: "Ugh, so bad."

Chloe, when I said "blow some stuff up", I didn't mean yourself.
Chloe: "You don't say!"

Classic morning with Hale's.
Gideon: *mumble grumble*

Ezra is mighty tired of his grandson's shenanigans.

Cole: "I'm just saying, a bit of excercise would make you healthy."

Chloe: "I'm good, dad. I'm afraid of my spine snapping if I lift weights like you."

Gideon, seriously.
This is your own computer.
Gideon: "I know. This will make sure they don't look up my search history."

Miriam: "These damn kids in the house, with their loud music. Leaving their mess everywhere."
I think she's going senile.

Once again, good guy Cole saves the day.

He needs painting skill for his job, so I'm letting him use Chelsea's easel.

Last glimpse at how successful Gideon was as a teenager.
He even became the Debate Club President.

But now it's time for him to grow up!

Gideon: "Wait! I am not sure if I want it so soon!"
Cole: "Too late, son. Welcome to the world of taxes and responsibilities."

He's now Athletic, Disciplined, No Sense of Humour, Childish and Grumpy.
He's going full-on Hillary right now.

Gideon: "You like?"
I do. Stop giving me the smoulder.

Rocky, I'm going to call the cops.
Rocky: "This legacy is garbage. I'm gonna make my own!"

He's not a heir, but I want to start working on his LTW.
Because I haven't played Acrobatic career for years.

He also wanted to learn Sim Fu, so I got him this thing.
I had to get rid of it later, because everyone wanted to train on it autonomously.

It's old news, but I think they're still sweet together.


It's graduation day and-
Guys, there's a toilet in the Town Hall! Just get inside!
Don't use the bushes!

This lady thought it will be a great idea to bring a baby with her on the ceremony.

This was a terrible idea.
Miriam: "I'm going to murder someone."

That's lazy.
It's the exact same Cole had.
And he didn't become a Sports Star.

Well, if he's happy, I am happy too.

Since half of his family was starving, he invited them all to the diner.
Gideon: "This is the best diner in town. Tah-dah!"

I think this diner doesn't allow formalwear, so they all switched to casual before going in.

Meanwhile, Hillary found herself an audience.

Did I ever tell you, that I love the music on guitar skill level 6?
The slow one. This one.

He always looks like he's plotting someone's death.

And this is Cole's first painting ever.
I'm concerned.
Cole: "This is how my mind looks like."

Now it's Chloe setting traps everywhere.
Like we don't have enough innocent victims already.

Now this is a rare view...
Miriam: "You're going to be adult soon, so I can tell you - I love you."
Chloe: "Thanks, grandma!"

Cole: "Omg! What if my bathroom is haunted?"
It isn't, but I love your random terrified faces.

I wanted Gideon to check the spooky festival, but he decided to steal the pumpkins instead.

He also rolled a wish to visit the scary house, but nothing happened.
No good or bad moodlets. He just got out of there like no big deal.

Apple bobbing.

That's a win and a half.

Gideon: "I'm the bobbing master. You're just jealous."
No, it's another one of your great life achievements.

Time for another food competition.
This time against an old lady.

Old lady: "Give up, sonny. I've won already."
Gideon: "No way I'm gonna waste that great pie!"

Old lady: *in pain*
Gideon: "Well, you have indigestion and I am happily full. So, who's the winner now?"
None of you.

It's time to actually work a bit.
This photo is my favourite.

Well, f*ck you too, Shea.

Revka: "I hope Derek will like my letter~"
Chelsea: "I hope he sh*ts his bedsheet tonight."

Here we have Cole's next painting.
It's so much better than the previous one.

He's important.

Ezra: "Can you believe this is the first time we're cooking together?"
Miriam: "It's because I don't like anyone messing in my kitchen. But we're old, so I can let this one pass."
They look so cute in here.

She's still beautiful, though.
Even when she's angry.

I think I found the culprit.

What do you want to say, Jenifer?
You hoodlum! With your glitchy hat!

He's as unimpressed as I am.

I wanted him to perform somewhere where people actually show up.
So here we are near the Salon.

But then he rolled a wish for a tattoo, so here we go.

Illuminati confirmed.

Tattoo girl: "Holy sh*t! I left my licence at home!"

He needs help.

These two went for trick-or-treating in sea themed costumes.
Revka: "If we would convince Chloe to go with us and dress as Nessie, we would have a whole team!"
Chelsea: "We didn't even have any candy yet, but you already act like you're on sugar."

Simon was their victim.

Simon, please.
Don't treat them like little kids.

Now it's Chloe's birthday!
Chloe: "I'm terrified." :)

Why does she look like a vanilla-pudding so much? D:
She's now Neurotic, Friendly, Loves the Heat, Irresistible and a Cat Person.
Well, she's still my lovely daughter.
Although I am slightly disappointed with her genetics.

She had this smile glued on her face for the entire birthday.

I think she lost it.
Chloe: "I wasn't ready to be an adult."

Here you have Hillary with her oldest children.
For comparison.

I've been waiting for these, since I didn't get any from Ezra and MIriam ;u;



Gideon Hale
Athletic/Disciplined/No Sense of Humour/Childish/Grumpy
LTW - Master Acrobat
Currently dating Kami Vinter-Pepper

Chloe Hale
Neurotic/Friendly/Loves the Heat/Irresistible/Cat Person
LTW - Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder
Currently dating Maximus Parrott

Chelsea Hale
Athletic/Artistic/Grumpy/Loves the Cold
LTW - Visionary
Currently stalking Shea Cruzita/single

Revka Hale
LTW - none atm
Currently dating Derek Hale

Who's gonna be the next heir?


Until next time!

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The Hale Legacy 2.5

Nov. 12th, 2016 | 09:26 am

Hi, guys! No heir poll yet, because I didn't manage to get any of the kids into y/a stage. But this entry was actually a lot of fun to capture, since I gave my sims a lot of free will lately.

We start as usual.

Gideon: *whiiiiiiine*
Don't you just love this family.

Today Chloe is the one to feed the entire family with waffles.

Hillary wanted a makeover, but I didn't want to change her looks.
So I just gave her a haircut.
I think she likes it anyway.

They didn't even bother with breakfast.
They just rushed outside to take the loungers.

Cole's face, though.

Chloe: "Mom, why are you crying? Did someone forget to check the sink?"
Hillary: "No, I'm crying over my lost youth!"

Breakfast chaos.

Honey, you can sit on the couch or use the one free chair.
Revka: "Nah, food will go down easier while I'm standing up."

Oh, no! Steven!
Who did this to you?

You're the reason your family has sink anxiety...
Gideon: "Ehehehe..." *continues pranking*

Are you proud of yourself?
Gideon: "Yes."

Time for a little switcheroo.

Ezra: "I wanted to sit here..."
Revka: "Grandpa, it's my turn."

Hillary is so happy for the Leisure Day.

Miriam: "So, um... How are your grades? Are you doing fine at school?"
Chloe: "Grandma, I'm not a child anymore. You don't have to fear me."
Miriam: "I don't know! I thought you will ask for cookies or hugs!"

Okay, time for the last child to grow up!

She's now Athletic, Neurotic, Perceptive aaaand... Sailor.
What an interesting choice.

Awkward birthday smile is a sign of a true Hale.

Chloe: "You realize she's cuter than you, right?"
Gideon: "I know..." *sobs*


Son, you need to chill.

Everyone went to visit the festival grounds, except for Miriam.
Miriam: "Finally peace and quiet."

Ezra is the sweetest with his little rainbow snow cone.

Do you have to copy your grandpa?
Chloe: "I want to be as cute as him."
Great inspiration.

I leave you for one minute and you do this.
You're a real gem.

We have the 13th grandchild!

This is your way of spending Leisure Day?
You have a goal on your lot, but you never use it.

Hillary: "Who put a bench and a bamboo on a skating rink?!"

Revka found herself some random guy to skate around with.
Ezra: "Who is this man and why is he riding with my underage granddaughter?"

Maximus showed up!
Now Chloe will be busy for few hours.

That's better.

Chelsea: "I want to shove this snow cone into someone's-"
Woah there!

Failing compilation.

Revka: "You okay, grandpa?"
Ezra: "No. I'm too old for this..."

You need to stop.
Chloe: "It's just frozen water! It won't go into my hips."

Are you really going to set a trap in a public bathroom?
Chelsea: "Just watch the door."

Revka is so wonderful.

And here's our elven boy, Derek!

She didn't get the chance.
As soon as she greeted him, he left.

Gideon: "I don't like this troll."
Revka: "Too bad, cause he's gonna be mine."

Cole found himself a pupper.

Cole: "He kissed me! Omg! <3"

Someone's putting drugs into this syrup.

I think I know who kicked Steven before... :|

Are you proud-
Gideon: "Yep!"

And here's the girl he impressed on the prom.
Her name is Kami.

Gideon: "Hey, what do you think about my facepaint?"
Kami: "I'm not sure how should I feel about it."

Gideon: "How about a kiss? You can take a closer look."
Kami: "Um, I think not."
Gideon: "Huh?"

Gideon: "Okay, let's start over. I have something for you."
Kami: "You know, I can see-"
Gideon: "Don't ruin the surprise."

She's totally surpised.

Well, sh*t.

Gideon: "But I thought you were impressed by me on the prom! You winked at me!"
Kami: "I did... Your Prom King dance was kinda cute."

Gideon: "She thinks I'm cute. Nailed it."

Do it.


Don't go over the top, Gideon.

Chloe gave up festival and went back home.
Miriam: "What did I tell you? Home sweet home."
Chloe: "You were right, grandma. All this frozen water made me hungry."

Ezra, don't!
You're an old man, you will break your spine.

We did it, guys!
Gideon: "I did it!"
Yeah, you did it.

Chelsea: "Oh, snow cone~ You're the only thing a girl needs~"

We have a new couple.

Simon has gained a soft spot for kittens.

Ezra: "I've had a great day!"
Hillary: "I will piss my pants in a moment and that upsets me..."

Gideon: "Must you?! I just wanted to pee!"
It's your fault for putting a trap here.


Chelsea: "I stole Gideon's footbal as a revenge!"
Revka: "That's great, but how is it gonna help me?"


Ezra retired in his son's bedroom.
And everyone showed up in pajamas to celebrate.
Just a normal morning.

Gideon: "You're a beast, grandpa! Woooo!"
Ezra: "I hope it's a positive metaphor."

Just a picture of Cole in his work attire.
Because he's a handsome scientist.

They're so old already, but they're still in love :(
I'm afraid of the day one of them will go.

Again? Yes!

Ezra: "Isn't this our third time?"
Miriam: "I'm not complaining~"

Girl knows what's going on.

Derek's family has a lot of puppers and some of them are pink.
I'm not sure that's natural, but his parents are IFs, so maybe that's just their magic.

Revka: "I don't want to repeat my siblings' embarrassment, so let me ask - are you married or smth?"
He's in high school, much like yourself.

Too bad, because Marisol's gonna be single today.

Well, Revka claimed you back on the seesaw.

Being upset doesn't stop him from passionately making out with Revka, though.

That's an oddly specific wish after kissing...

Revka: "So, we're a couple now?"
Derek: "Yeah, totally."
Revka: "Just... have some mint gum next time or smth."

Derek: "Just kiss me, you fool."

Chloe: "Now I know why Gideon wasn't so happy about the vacation."

She's still the most responsible one.
Chloe: "But what if the oven explodes?"

She threw a teen party and Gideon got super excited.
Gideon: "Haha, yes! Now we're talking! This will make me feel like a teenager!"

Gideon: "Do the smustle~!"

Are you happy about the party?
Chelsea: "Do I look happy to you?"

Gideon: "Come on, Revka! Smustle~"
Revka: "I'd rather not. Thanks."
Chelsea: "Smustle yourself out of here..."

Remember Simon's daughter, Krissy?
She's looking fierce as hell!
I love her!

When the party was still looking rather peaceful.

Chloe: "Hey, we're both friendly!"
Krissy: "We totally are!"
Chloe: "Friends?"
Krissy: "Friends!"

Gideon: "I think we have a third wheel..."
Miles: "'Sup, friends? Great party!" >:D

Chelsea found a random dude and started slow dancing with him.

Chelsea: "Not to be rude or anything, but when was the last time you took a shower?"
Alex: "I dunno? Last week? Why?"

Chelsea: "Eh... no reason. Be strong, Chelsea."

Gideon: "Ehehehe..."

Miles: "GAAH!"

Are you- *sigh*
Of course you're proud of yourself.

Gideon: "If you want to have a chance with girls, you have to be more open with them."
Miles: "Like how?"
Gideon: "If you go and kiss Marjorie, I will pay you 5 bucks."

Miles: "Deal. I can totally do this."
Gideon: "Sure."

And then he took her to the most isolated place in the house, which is the garage.
Miles: "I can't! The pressure is too high!"
Marjorie: "It's fine..."

At this point the party becomes a wild ride.
As I realize they don't have enough space.
Ugh. Sims and their needs.

You didn't pass out. I can see your eyes open.
Krissy: "Sshh~ I'm playing along!"

Chelsea found another boy.
He's not smelly and he's single!

And his Sign is compatible!

Chelsea: "So... did you have your first kiss already~?"
Shea: "Well, yeah. I used to have a girlfriend, until your brother stole her."
Krissy is so beautiful.

Chelsea: "Well, I didn't have one. So how about you and me..."

Shea: "Sorry, but your brother is my nemesis. That would be weird."
Chelsea: "But... wouldn't that be your way of revenge?"

Shea: "That's not how it works! I should be the one to woo you first!"
Chelsea: "Pff, fine. Do it, then."
Shamika: "I don't know what's going on, but I feel obligated to stare."

Chloe just gave up.

Chelsea wanted to mingle with the other Cruzita brother, but he couldn't handle it.

Chelsea: *sigh* "Men."

Are you really going to eat this spoiled pizza?
Revka: "Try to stop me. I'm such a rebel today."

Shamika: "Hey, do I know you?"
Derek: "Move! My girlfriend is about to eat a rotten pizza! I need to stop her!"

Too late. She dead.
No, just messing around with her little elf boy.

What's your problem, Shamika?

Chelsea: "Okay. Why?"
Shamika: "I dunno. No reason."

Chelsea: "Oh, I will give you a reason!"
Marjorie: "Oh sh*t! Gotta go, before I piss myself!"

Chelsea: "Don't mess with the Hale's!"
Shamika: "I am a Hale too, you cow!"
Chelsea: "But not the REAL one!"

I think a cop arrived to stop the party, but they vanished somewhere. Again.

I think it's good enough for this chaos.


Some broken plumbing in both bathrooms.

Broken laptop.

And this lonely piece of cake left.
Luckily Diana came back and took care of everything else.

Because everyone else was asleep, Chloe took care of repairing everything.
Chloe: "Gotta tame this treacherous sink!"

Aaaand she rolled her LTW.

And then she prank-called Simon.
Because that's what you do to your uncle in the evening.

Don't give him any more panic attacks!
He's unstable already!

*sigh* The essence of this legacy.

Chelsea is back to painting.
Because that's the first thing she does after waking up.

Gideon: "Let's see who will get to the goal first!"
Chloe: "This is Dragon Age. Not Colin McRae, you fool."

Revka: "Guys? I can't see the screen! I don't know who my character is killing!"

And this is where we will end today.
Next time heir poll for sure.
So you still have a moment to think about your next heir choice.

Until next time!

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The Hale Legacy 2.4

Nov. 10th, 2016 | 01:24 pm


Hellu. This entry is going to be a little bit of a mess, because nothing very interesting happened during the days, besides few special events. So I've made this kind-of-compilation as the next entry. Let's get started.

We start with appreciation of my teens.
Because they're lovely.

Their lot is infested with squirrels and chipmunks.

I mean really...

They're everywhere.


Here's the rare image of the whole gen 2 family eating together.
Usually there's so much chaos when everyone gets to eat at the same time.

By the way.
Super popular LTW is so easy to achieve.
Especially when you're a cop, who meets plenty of people.

My game freaked out and... Ezra wasn't married to Miriam anymore :|
Gotta fix this.

Miriam: "What are you doing, old man?! We've been married for decades!"
Ezra: "Well, someone in the City Hall thinks otherwise."

Oh, how the time passes.

Miriam: "You know, they put rocket engine oil into everything these days. Even food."
Cole: "I'm very glad you've picked this topic for breakfast. I needed more panic attacks. Thanks."

Simon's son, Kain, showed up.
Chelsea: "Hey! I saw you at school, but I didn't know we're cousins!"
Kain: "Who is she?"

Jeromy showed up too.
He's Janice's son, in case you don't remember.

I've been looking through Chloe's friend list to find a good prom candidate and...

There he is.
His name is Maximus Parrott.
And he's a cute hazelnut.

Chloe is very eager too.

What? Why? Come on!


Chloe: "Oh, come on. It would be such a waste not to go to prom with such a fine cupcake."

Chloe: "Namely yourself~"

I don't care if he's taken.
He's gonna be ours.


Chloe: "You can hug your doubts out with me~"
Maximus: "Um, I have personal space issues."

Chloe: "Wait, if Juana is your girlfriend, why was her love letter to my brother in our mailbox recently?"
That's actually a good question >A>

She's a two-faced b*tch.
I think I can take it.

And we have a prom date.

Maximus: "I'm having weird internal doubts about this..."
Chloe: "Sshhh~ Just hug it out."
Meanwhile Ali and Trisha discussing their favourite cooking shows in the background.

Simon showed up!
It's been a while since he showed up in the house.
So what if he brought waffles?
It's the perfect party dish.

And if it makes Ezra happy, it makes me happy as well.

This party was all hugs.
Miriam (outside): "Where is Chloe?"
Chloe: "Why is grandma looking for me outside?"
Ezra: "I'm just married~ I feel so young again."

It's time for the actual birthday!

Everyone showed up!
It felt great, because everyone cared about my boy!

Cole: "Wait! I'm having second thoughts about this-"
Too late.
Cole: "But I'll be old!"
Not really.

Cole: "Wait... that's it?"

Cole: "It wasn't so bad, was it?"
Says the drama queen.

Oh, that was fast.
How did she find out?

Miriam has her favourites in every generation.

Jeromy: "Too many people! The voices in my head! ARGH!"
This is when I found out that Jeromy has an Insane trait.
When he started to make everyone on the party feel uncomfortable.


It's good to have you back.
Janice: "I know."

And I love you, Ezra.
Ezra: "But I am married."
It's okay.

Ezra: "Did I ever tell you, that you look like your mom with rounder cheeks?"
Miriam: "There he goes with his old tricks."
Ezra: *wiggles eyebrows*

But Jeromy is having non of this crap.
Jeromy: "I know you're trying to absorb my youth, old man! I'm not giving it up!"
He's insane. Let him be.


This is my biggest problem.
Every morning there's a big queue of kids in front of the school.
And they all have to slowly get inside, one by one.
It takes eternity and sometimes the kids give up and go do something else.

Kevin (cyan shirt): "If we don't get inside in 10 minutes, I am going to kill myself!"
Girl: "At least this will be interesting."

Oh, hey! It's Lawrence. Janice's son.

And Erin, his twin sister.

Meanwhile in Hale household...
You can see the differences between old man Ezra and his still fresh wife Miriam.

You've been married for a while.
Better late than never.

Cole was supposed to do some patrolling and question some citizens.
But he decided to steal veggies from someone's garden instead.
Like a proper police officer.

Gideon: "We're teenagers. Shouldn't we use our youth and go to some parties while we're at it?"
Chloe: "Big crowds startle me. I'll pass."

Ezra had enough points to buy him a diploma >v>
So I did.
And he rolled a new trait for that.

What an eventful day.

Eventful indeed.

Chloe: "And on top of that it's prom today. Urgh."
Don't worry. Even when angry you still look beautiful.
Just like your mother.


Oh, I see. The anrgy mob outside of school.
Revka was germy and she just gave up standing there.

Instead of going home and eating properly, she just went to the grocery store and bought some apples.

It was a Key Lime Pie.

I know you would probably see him as a Special Agent.
But let's not forget he's neurotic and was abducted by aliens.
Plus he had a wish for Forensic Analyst route before.
So yeah.

Ezra: "Let me show you my amazing grandchildren."
Chloe: "Grandpa, I'm one of them."
Ezra: "But you're one of twelve!"

Anyway, it's prom time!
But before we go...

Chelsea: "I can still make it to the prom!"

The competition is here!
She's now Athletic, Artistic, Grumpy and Loves the Cold.

As the opposite of her sister.

Chelsea: "Can I have my cake first?"
There's no time. Go to the prom.

Okay. Now prom time.
First for Gideon:

She's one of Adriane's daughters, apparently.

And for Chloe:

And a little bit for Chelsea:

It was pretty good overall.
Chloe and Max are now officially a couple.
Gideon revealed his crush to me.
And well, maybe Chelsea will have another prom chance once Revka grows up.

Cole: "I hope me and Hillary will be such a cute couple as elders too."

Gideon: "For all it's worth, I'm glad I kicked that bully's ass in front of everyone."

Chloe: "Yeah, that was quite a show."

Guys. Come on.

Diana was replaced.
Here's our new maid, Elisha.
He's anime.

Chelsea continues to decorate the house with paintings.

Cole: "What's that? What's going on with you?"
Hillary: "I'm transforming into a magical girl!"


Still beautiful.
No need to worry.

Miriam: "We may be older, but we still rock."
Hillary: "Ye!"
Miriam: "Ye!"

As always.

Hillary: "Okay, but these are definitely wrinkles..."

Chelsea is now into Disney Princess aesthetics.

And she rolled her LTW.

And so did Gideon.

I'm gonna end this entry with Rocky - our old maid.
He's now a paparazzo and stalks Miriam with his friend.

We're gonna have a heir poll next or after next entry.
Be prepared.

Until next time!

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The Hale Legacy 2.3

Nov. 7th, 2016 | 11:41 pm

No time to waste! Let's move on to the Hale family!

Grumpy trait puts Chelesea in the constant "teenage mood-swings" mood.

What a bizarre view in the morning.
There's no glimpse of sun, but we have a big-ass rainbow!

I didn't have any twins in this Legacy yet!

The school bus is here, but she doesn't even care.
Chelsea: "Don't worry. I can manage."

Well, she didn't manage in the end.
Hillary: "What in the fresh hell were you thinking?! It's your first day of school!"
Revka: *derp*

Chelsea: "What? Was I supposed to go there hungry?"
Just... go try catching up with the bus.

Revka learning how to walk and failing is so hilarious, that even Miriam is laughing.

Cole decided to visit his siblings and started with Janice.
This is apparently the shack she lives in with Ali and the kids.
Speaking of the kids...

This is Jeromy - the oldest son.
He's a Light Sleeper and Loves the Outdoors.
He looks like DanTDM...

This is Lawrence - one of the twins.
He's a Couch Potato and Virtoso.

And here is Erin - the other twin.
She's Athletic and Genius.
They all look so much like Janice, it's adorable.

Cole: "Do you always keep your children outside and unfed?"
Ali: "No, it's just that Janice is at work right now and- wait. Are you filing a report on me?"
Cole: "Just answer my question."

They even have a cat!
This family is a big mess.

Uncle Cop to the rescue!

Jeromy is so happy!
It's like he hasn't seen a milk bottle in a month!

Time to go visit Simon...
Penelope: "So... I thought maybe we could go see a movie someday..."
Cole: "Is she hitting on me? Why is she hitting on me?"

This is Simon's second daughter - Krissy.
She's Artistic, Friendly and Over-Emotional.
How relatable.

And here's Kain.
He's Absent-Minded and Friendly.
And he's the sweetest omg...

I come back to the Hale house and see... this.
Miriam's babysitting skills.

Don't you just love when kids are playing SpiderMan and climbing the walls?

Oh, stop it, you two.
Just don't make any more children.

Okay, so Cole was writing reports for work very late at night and this happened.

Looks like Ezra's old friends showed up.

But they have chosen the wrong Hale.
Cole: "From all the things that could kill me, I would never guess the sky would finish me."

Well, there he goes.
Goodbye, Cole.
You were a fine heir.

They brought him back, of course.
But the damage has been done.

Neurotic sims are always so sad.
They just look out the windows all the time.

Miriam: "Why isn't she taking more pictures of us anymore? We're still the pioneers of this Legacy!"
Ezra: "I guess... I just wanted to play chess."


God, I hope not.
We have no space for another child.

Chelsea is artistic, so I bought her this giant sketchpad.

Anyway, it's Gideon Time!

What is Chelsea cheering for?
Her brother is right here!

There he is!
He's now Athletic, Disciplined, No Sense of Humour and rolled Childish.
He looks so much like Hillary, I love it!

Are you done giving me the smoulder?

Yep. Back to being a doofus.

Why won't you just go and eat with the rest of your family?
Miriam: "There's still too many kids there."

Cole: "You don't mind me with this extra weight gain?"
Hillary: "Nah, you can be my big bear~"


Miriam: "Where's Ezra?"
Cole: "I think dad is in the trunk."

What a great timing!

Just so you know, I'm not throwing a teen party.
This way I have two days without the house full of sims.
And I need that break.
It's time for Gideon to be the responsible older brother.

First, he needs to make sure his little sisters are well fed.
So what if he only knows how to make waffles?

Chelsea: "I'm no eating that. I'm pretty sure he's trying to poison us."
Chloe: "If you're not eating it, I can take your portion."

So many birthdays!

Revka is the ultimate mix of Cole and Hillary.
She's now Athletic, Neurotic and Perceptive.

The reason why I rarely do cake birthdays is because the family always runs to the cake and stuffs themselves full.
And it's very annoying.

Time to take all the girls to the Spring Festival.
Because that's what a responsible brother does.

Gideon: "Okay, magical d*ck of wisdom. Tell me how good of a catch am I."

That's kinda rude.

I wish those eggs were actual collectibles. Some of them are so pretty :(

Face painting attempt #1 - complete failure.
She doesn't seem to mind, though.

Oh, look! It's Peaches! It's been a while and she's still wearing those clothes.

How are the youngest children always the sweetest?

Face painting attempt #2 - success.
Chloe is just the prettiest.

Remember Adriane? Simon's old friend and potential girlfriend?
She's now married to Penelope's brother.
Making her somewhat of Simon's sister-in-law.
How ironic is that.


I was just looking at her and she went to the kissing booth.
Then she gave the man the biggest and deepest french kiss I've ever seen.

Sorry, dude.
She's married.

I thought they're dead, because there were no pop-ups from them.

Gideon brought his sisters back home, because the festival was quite boring actually.
What better place than your own playground?

I gave Chelsea an easel, so she can start painting properly.
She's the first painting sim in this Legacy.

Some things never change.

For her first ever painting, it actually looks cute.
Chelsea: "That's because I'm talented."

Next morning I find Gideon doing this before school.
I love him.

I swear, if you will be late to school again, because of your nutrition needs, I will ground you myself.

She made it to the bus, but she didn't show up inside.
I suppose she just grabbed onto it from the outside like in some f*cking action movie.


There was no one to mourn him at the time :(
So have his last picture instead.

I think the maids are being paid by the time they spend at work.
Because Diana finished cleaning and just stood there for a solid sim-hour, before she left.

Revka brought this cute little elf boy.
In case you can't tell, he's Snuggles and Peaches' son.
His name is Derek.

Derek: "I'm glad your brother isn't around. He's kind of cuckoo."
That's not nice to say.

By the tradition, all the kids are doing homework after school.
I need to encourage good behaviour.

Meanwhile Chelsea is at Simon's place.
She was meant to go with Shamika, but everyone left and she ended up alone.

That's why.

Guys, I think I ship it.

Gideon: "Just when I need help with my essay, they're all on vacation."

Say no more, fam.

His name is Steven and hopefully he will be here for a lot of generations.

Bring it on.

False alarm!
Cole is back to normal and there will be no alien baby.
Unless he left it on his vacation...

You go, girl!
The youngest Dancing Queen in Sunlit Tides!

Chloe's OCD broke the sink.
Because she has to wash the hands all the time.

Chloe: "Is this the flood they've been warning me about...?"

Cole: "I thought we could go check this new drama they're playing at the theater-"

These two jocks started to use the football goal properly.
Cole: "Neener-neener!"
Yeah. Properly.

Well, you can't compete with Cole in the sports department.

Son, he has 10 athletic skill points.
What were you thinking?

Last moments of Chloe as a child.

And Chelsea's first finished painting.
It's so cute I'm keeping it.

How can you fail so badly?

It is time! Go, my sparkling girl!
Chloe: "That feels tickly~"

Even the duck lips turned out well.
She's now Neurotic, Friendly, Loves the Heat and rolled Irresistible!

Now, prepare for Hale rendition of Grease musical number.



Revka: "What is puberty?"

And with this accent I'm ending this entry.
Next time we will hopefully have prom time!

Until next time!

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